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Post  BaitySM on Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:08 pm


Esoterica "Secretly Inherited Art of Danmaku" - [MoFS5SC1]
It's aimed. It's really, really slow moving so take your time and think, plan and then move accordingly. Alternatively, watch the replay, and learn.

Wonder "Night with Overly Bright Guest Stars" - [MoFS5SC2]
Static lasers (which are rectangular) and aimed seizure bullets. Memorize it. I will admit that the last "dodge" that I pulled off looked like a panic attack.

Sea Opening "Moses's Miracle" - [MoFS5SC3]
Static sea, pseudo-static blue streams of bullets, coupled along with a single aimed red stream. Lure Sanae to the right, stream left using Sanae's movement as an indicator as to how much you move each time. Remember that when swapping directions, always give yourself more room. Or else you'll end up getting stuck like I (almost) did.

Preparation "Takeminakata Invocation" - [MoFS5SC4]
Aimed. The trick is to always move to the left side of the blue "wall".

Great Miracle "Yasaka's Divine Wind" - [MoFS5SC5]
Static spiral along with aimed large bullets. Just remember to start on the right (as in right and wrong) side, and beware of bullets spawning on top of you. Stay at the bottom of the screen to avoid this.


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