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Post  BaitySM on Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:08 pm


Weird Festival "Madly Dance on Medoteko" - [MoFS6SC1]
If you're under control, it's easy. Static red walls (which you probably shouldn't even be near), static "trapping" lasers, and aimed blue amulets. Move as required. Beware of rectangular hitbox lasers again.

Divine Husk "Divining Crop" - [MoFS6SC2]
Randomly aligning red and green bullets (as opposed to the staple red and blue you see every other time). Blue static rings of bullets are also present. Use both horizontal and vertical movements carefully to navigate.

Mystery "Yamato Torus" - [MoFS6SC3]
I'd probably put this under read and dodge. The streams move surprisingly slow enough for me to read them. But that might be because of my ability to do so...

Heaven's Dragon "Source of Rains" - [MoFS6SC4]
An interesting mix of aimed and random waves of bullets. Beware of walling. Beware of trapping yourself. Standard rules of streaming apply here. Unless you're going for score, I suggesting going against this Spell Card defensively (as required). The Point Items after this are worth more than the Spell Card itself after all.

"Virtue of Wind God" - [MoFS6SC5]
Read waves, dodge. Sometimes, you have to squeeze between waves. The more you practice against this Spell Card the more familiar you will become with how the waves "unfold". Learning how these waves unfold is absolutely essential to surviving this without making a mistake.


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